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Date: April 18, 2023

Author: Dr. Adam Fagin

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Recovery – Peninsula Oral and Facial Surgery

Peninsula Oral and Facial Surgery is the premier center for wisdom teeth removal in San Mateo and the Bay Area. With treatment planning focused on your unique needs, you’ll get the best care with a smooth wisdom teeth extraction recovery, free of complications. Our commitment to quality care ensures that wisdom teeth extraction recovery is stress-free with an excellent long-term outcome.

The period during wisdom teeth extraction recovery is critical because the extraction site will go through a process of healing and regeneration. Knowing what to expect, and what you should do during this time is important to your long-term dental health. You’ll receive wisdom teeth removal recovery tips, an icepack, pain medicine and detailed instructions on home care before you leave the office so you will feel confident that you will have a smooth recovery. Our surgeon will call you the night of your surgery to make sure you are doing well and all your questions are answered.

Learn about how long it takes for wisdom teeth extractions to heal, what you can expect with the wisdom teeth swelling timeline, and when you should call your surgeon for follow-up treatment or dental emergencies.

The Wisdom Teeth Swelling Timeline – What Should You Expect?

Understanding the wisdom teeth swelling timeline will give you a better understanding of the entire wisdom teeth recovery process. Healing doesn’t happen overnight, but you will notice improvements from day to day, following your surgery. The wisdom teeth swelling timeline is only uncomfortable for the first few days, and this is easily manageable with rest and over-the-counter medication.

Here’s what to expect at each stage of the wisdom teeth swelling timeline, and overall wisdom teeth recovery timeline…

  • 24 Hours – On the day immediately following surgery blood clots will form to initiate the healing process. The anesthetic from the surgery will start to wear off and you’ll start to feel less groggy with rest.
  • First 3 Days – The swelling will begin soon after surgery and will be noticeable in the mouth and around the cheeks. It will peak around the third day. Ice and Ibuprofen can be used to help limit the swelling accumulation.
  • After 3 Days – Swelling will begin to improve significantly after three days and will gradually subside with each passing day. Continue to get plenty of rest at this point of the wisdom teeth swelling timeline.
  • After 1 Week – most patients are this point are beginning to taper off of their Tylenol and ibuprofen, getting back to a more normal diet and resuming the activities they enjoy without much discomfort or restriction.
  • After 2 Weeks – Around 14 days into your wisdom teeth removal recovery time you will notice that swelling and bruising are mostly if not completely gone. You’ll start to feel back to normal.

Dealing with the wisdom teeth swelling timeline and overall recovery timeline might seem daunting, but the benefit is that you’ll no longer experience pain or infection from impacted or problematic wisdom teeth. Your oral health will be protected, and you’ll be able to take better care of your smile moving forward.

The team at Peninsula Oral and Facial Surgery will be available for advice throughout your recovery. You can call if you experience excessive pain, swelling, or bleeding from around the treatment site.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Tips

You can follow some simple wisdom teeth removal recovery tips to make this time more comfortable.

  • One of the most important wisdom teeth removal recovery tips is to avoid hard food throughout the recovery period. Follow a liquid diet for the first 24 hours then gradually reintroduce soft food.
  • Don’t smoke or vape during your recovery. This could irritate the treatment site.
  • Take over-the-counter pain medication as directed, or follow any prescription provided by your surgeon.
  • Get plenty of rest while you’re recovering. This can help your body to heal.
  • Don’t forget to eat! Eating is very important. Getting some calories will help you feel better.
  • Call us if anything feels out of the ordinary or if you feel that the pain or swelling is unmanageable. We can provide specific wisdom teeth removal recovery tips for your case.

With these simple wisdom teeth removal recovery tips, you’ll feel better throughout the first two weeks.

Average Patient Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Time

The wisdom teeth removal recovery time for most patients is around two weeks, although there can be some minor discomfort for up to three weeks in some cases. The most challenging part of the wisdom teeth removal recovery time is over after the first 72 hours.

Do You Need to Take Painkillers During Wisdom Teeth Extraction Recovery?

Yes, we will review with you a scheduled regimen of Tylenol (Acetaminophen) and Advil (Ibuprofen) in order to help manage your post operative pain. It is important to use these medicines on a scheduled basis as instructed the first few days. They are most effective when taken four times per day. Adhering to this regimen will provide relief during wisdom teeth extraction recovery. They can help you to feel more comfortable during wisdom teeth recovery and help with swelling. You’ll be advised on medication and will be provided with any necessary prescriptions after the procedure.

We’re Here to Help During Wisdom Teeth Recovery

Wisdom teeth recovery is easy to get through and for the most part, you will find it to be surprisingly comfortable. Treatment planning, an expert surgeon, and ongoing care from trusted dental professionals will make the whole experience stress-free.

You’ll have the best wisdom teeth extraction recovery when you choose Peninsula Oral and Facial Surgery for your procedure. Contact us today to schedule your appointment with the best oral surgeon in San Mateo and the Bay Area.

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