What are Impacted Teeth?

What are Impacted Teeth? – Peninsula Oral & Facial Surgery

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Date: March 7, 2023

Author: Dr. Adam Fagin

What are Impacted Teeth? – Peninsula Oral & Facial Surgery

Impacted teeth can cause severe dental pain, infections, and could compromise the health of surrounding teeth. Without understanding what are impacted teeth and seeking treatment, the look and function of your smile could suffer.

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What are Impacted Teeth Treatment Options?

For many of our patients, the first questions will be: what are impacted teeth, and what are impacted teeth treatment options?

In most cases, dentists aim to save natural teeth, preventing the need for complex surgery and tooth replacement. However, impacted teeth bring a range of complications which means extraction is usually the best option. There are alternatives, like orthodontic treatments, which will be explained in the following section.

To answer the first question, what is impacted teeth, the answer is quite simple. Impacted teeth are teeth that haven’t fully emerged or grown in the correct position, they may be growing sideways in the jaw, pushing up against or even irreparably damaging surrounding teeth. The easiest thing to remember when asking the question, what are impacted teeth, is that these teeth are effectively stuck with nowhere to grow.

There are various reasons why these teeth become impacted. The most common is a lack of space in the jaw. Wisdom teeth often become impacted, which is why wisdom tooth extraction is recommended for many patients. Teeth can also become crowded due to orthodontic issues and deformities in the jaw.

Whatever the reason, impacted teeth require treatment for your comfort and future dental health. In most cases, impacted teeth are extracted whole or in sections. The treatment is surgical because impacted teeth sit partially or wholly below the gumline.

It’s important to have a trusted dental surgeon for treatment. You can get compassionate and carefully planned treatment at Peninsula Oral & Facial Surgery.

What is Impacted Teeth Orthodontic Treatment?

The treatment of an impacted tooth may include orthodontics to help realign your smile. Sometimes, this could involve a minor surgical procedure performed at Peninsula Oral & Facial Surgery. Our team will coordinate with your orthodontist on the treatment plan.

It all starts with a consultation with an orthodontist, who will provide a detailed examination and take scans to develop a treatment plan. If your tooth is severely impacted, they might refer you to an oral surgeon for extraction, or preliminary surgery to help support orthodontic treatment often referred to an expose and bond.

So, what is impacted teeth orthodontic treatment? If orthodontic treatment is recommended, your orthodontist will create a plan that may involve braces or other dental appliances. Braces are the most popular method and work by attaching brackets to your teeth and using wires to gradually shift them into the correct position.

In some cases, your orthodontist may use special brackets and wires designed for impacted teeth that apply gentle pressure to move them over time.

Both your orthodontist and your surgeon will take the time to explain “what is impacted teeth orthodontic treatment”. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get recommendations on alternative treatment paths.

Orthodontic treatment for impacted teeth may take several months for the desired result, so it’s important to follow your orthodontist’s recommendations. This includes maintaining good oral hygiene and attending regular appointments.

The best treatment for your unique needs will depend on the position of the impacted tooth or teeth, your age, and your preference for treatment.

Wisdom Tooth Fused to Jaw Bone

In rare cases, you may experience symptoms related to a wisdom tooth fused to jaw bone. This is a type of impacted tooth problem that can cause major issues if left untreated. When there’s a wisdom tooth fused to jaw bone, the process of extraction becomes more complicated.

You can get the best treatment for a wisdom tooth fused to jaw bone when you book your consultation at Peninsula Oral & Facial Surgery. With our expert surgical team, we’ll develop a treatment plan that safely removes the impacted tooth with the best long-term outcome.

When the tooth fuses to the bone, your surgeon will need to carefully separate the tooth before removing it. This requires an incision in the gum to access the hard tissues. The tooth may be sectioned for removal, and some of the bone surrounding the tooth may also be removed for a successful extraction.

While the surgery is technically complex, our team has the tools, training, and experience to safely perform the extraction for a wisdom tooth fused to jaw bone. Socket preservation can also be performed following the extraction. Grafting materials will be placed into the defect after extraction, which will then remodel to native bone. This can be performed to preserve the jaw, and also as a precursor to implant treatment, depending on where the tooth is located and if it needs to be replaced.

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