Our Office – Comfort in One of the Best Wisdom Teeth Removal Clinics in San Mateo

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Date: August 18, 2022

Author: Dr. Adam Fagin

Our Office – Comfort in One of the Best Wisdom Teeth Removal Clinics in San Mateo

Dental implant and wisdom teeth removal clinics in San Mateo should be comfortable and welcoming, with free, convenient parking and minimal wait times. Our team is dedicated to providing the very best care in an environment where you feel welcomed and relaxed.   Impeccably clean and fully equipped for surgeries and in-office anesthesia, our office is ready to welcome you whether it’s your first visit or if you’re a returning patient.  What Sets us Apart From Other Wisdom Teeth Removal Clinics?  Many practices will tout high quality surgical care from surgeons who trained at leading institutions.  In the Peninsula that does not set anyone apart.  What sets us apart is our surgeons’ emphasis on your experience in our office.  We know visiting an oral surgeon can be intimidating and anxiety provoking for our patients who are often in pain.  We will work with you from the start to get you out of pain and explain your treatment options going forward in an unbiased manner so you can feel comfortable and confident choosing the path that’s right for you that will yield a long lasting, predictable result to keep you out of our office in the future.   Our surgeons have established one of the leading wisdom teeth removal clinics in the San Mateo and wider San Francisco Peninsula areas. Our clinic is equipped to provide a whole range of services in oral and maxillofacial surgery, including dental implant placement, extractions, bone grafting and corrective jaw surgery.  Wisdom teeth removal clinics require a high degree of cleanliness and safety, this ensures the health of patients. But they don’t need to feel overly clinical and unwelcoming.  We have focused on a color palette and interior décor that is both comfortable and welcoming. When you visit other wisdom teeth removal clinics it can feel like you’re in just any other doctor’s office, but with our team, you’ll feel comfortable, relaxed, and at ease before having your procedure, no matter how complex it might be.  It’s not just the aesthetic and design of our office that sets us apart from other wisdom teeth removal clinics. Our team is highly experienced and we use the most advanced equipment to ensure the best treatment from the initial diagnosis through to the surgery and follow-up appointments.  Visit us today and experience world-class care in a friendly and compassionate environment.   Oral Surgery Operatory Design Done Right  Between Dr. Richard A. Fagin, Dr. Adam P. Fagin, and our entire staff, we have a passion for efficient oral surgery operatory design.  Some key elements of oral surgery operatory design should be followed to ensure patient comfort and a smooth surgical workflow.  One of the core elements of oral surgery operatory design is functionality and efficiency. You will find that our spaces are used efficiently to ensure that instruments, documentation, and other essentials are readily accessible to staff and our doctors.  Functional efficiency should never come at the cost of patient comfort. Our oral surgery operatory design ensures that you are comfortable whether you are in our waiting lobby, or on the examination or surgical chair. The best oral surgery operatory designs aren’t overwhelming, but they are also never stark, intimidating, or uninviting.   You will find that our office is the perfect balance of style and function.  The Perfect Environment to Review Your Wisdom Teeth Removal Instructions  In-office consultations are the perfect opportunity to learn about post-operative care. An example would be wisdom teeth removal instructions.  When learning about wisdom teeth removal instructions, you’ll want to feel both relaxed and engaged. If the environment were intimidating, it would be hard to retain the information given with wisdom teeth removal instructions. The same goes for other situations, such as learning how to take care of your new dental implants and crowns or dentures.  You’ll feel more engaged and comfortable when learning about wisdom teeth removal instructions in our office. From the warm décor to the friendly and attentive staff, it’s easy to relax and let your mind focus on the important details.  In addition to wisdom teeth removal instructions provided in-office, we can also provide printed information for you to follow at home, or you can review surgical instructions here on our website.  In-Office Anesthesia at Our General Anesthesia Oral Surgery Office  We can administer in-office anesthesia at our general anesthesia oral surgery office. Dr. Richard. A Fagin is a fellow of the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology.  In-office anesthesia must be carefully administered to ensure the most comfortable experience for every patient. The use of medication for dentistry is carefully controlled at our general anesthesia oral surgery office  We will ensure your safety while improving the surgical workflow. In-office anesthesia can be used if you are anxious about your upcoming procedure, or when there is likely to be a significant level of pain or discomfort. Complex procedures may also require in-office anesthesia at our general anesthesia oral surgery office.  Not every dentist is equipped or trained to provide this type of care. You can have confidence knowing that our general anesthesia oral surgery office has the staff, equipment, and experience to make your upcoming surgery safe and successful.  Book your appointment at our general anesthesia oral surgery office today, and enjoy the most comfortable procedures with minimal post-surgical pain and discomfort. You deserve the best professionals and a welcoming environment for oral and maxillofacial surgery. Choose our San Mateo office and see how we provide an experience that most wisdom teeth removal clinics can’t come close to. 

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